Who are we ?

Les Équipement Béluga (Beluga OutdoorSports Equipment) is a Quebec company founded in 1997 by a paddle sports enthusiast who felt the need to bring his experience to this field by creating new and improved accessories for paddle sports. At first, Beluga was a one-man show and was more a research and development laboratory than a full-fledged manufacturer of accessories. Today, Beluga boasts several employees and has had to move and expand more than once to keep pace with the steady growth of business.

“From the outset, Beluga has been driven by a desire to innovate, to develop new ideas...”

Beluga started out by producing accessories and safety equipment for freshwater canoeing. From the outset, Beluga has been driven by a desire to innovate, to develop new ideas and confront them with existing products and equipment We now provide more than eighty different products for canoes, whitewater kayaks and touring kayaks. As well, in response to customer suggestions we have developed a number of complementary accessories useful for hiking, camping or travelling.

An unwavering attention to detail and the use of consistently high quality materials are the standards which have made Beluga’s reputation. When you handle a Beluga product, you can readily see for yourself the care taken in manufacturing and finishing every one of our products whatever its price or complexity. We constantly strive for quality, both in our way of working and in the raw materials used in manufacturing our products.

We are designers and manufacturers of accessories for non-motorised nautical activites. To build new products, improve existing ones, make them more practicial and provide the consumer with the most esthetically pleasing and colourful accessories: that is our mission.

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