The Beluga Warranty

Beluga Two-Year Warranty

2 years - Limited Warranty

It is important to remember that the products we make are of the type which tend to wear out fairly quickly. This is normal because of their constant exposure to water and sunlight. This is why we insist on using the highest quality materials for all of our products; our concern for quality even goes as far as the choice of thread we use. Our quality control allows us to offer durable products which are guaranteed against any manufacturing flaws for a period of two years, as of the date of purchase.

Beluga undertakes to repair, or - if we deem it necessary – replace any Beluga article returned to us as a result of a manufacturing flaw or premature wear, provided it is accompanied by proof of purchase.

Distributed Products

Products made by other manufacturers and distributed by Beluga are covered by the manufacturer’s limited guarantee. As the authorised distributor, we respect these guarantees. However, the secondhand plastic barrels which we distribute, are not covered by guarantee.

Exclusions and Limitations

Throwbags and towing systems often undergo severe wear and tear caused by the abrasive action of sand and rock. The guarantee does not cover either excessive wear due to repeated use of the throwbag or abuse of your equipment. We do, however, guarantee replacement of ropes with braiding defects or any other manufacturing flaw.

Return Policy

Please return any faulty equipment to your Beluga retailer so that he may provide you with the service to which you are entitled. If there are no retailers in your area, return the defective article directly to Beluga, including a clear description of the problem as well as your coordinates so that we can contact you if necessary. We will be happy to serve you in order to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

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